Awake Electric Surfboards

Awake Electric Surfboards

Awake is a technology leading electric surfboard manufacturer delivering an unmatched riding experience to sports enthusiasts all over the world. Our products are developed to engage and excite no matter experience or background. 

By combining cutting edge technology with sustainable development and market leading performance, we firmly believe that Awake will not only push the nische market that is motorized surfboards, but the whole marine industry forward.

Awake is synonymous with performance, electrotechnology, power, and precision. The resolute focus on high-quality engineering and Scandinavian design is what sets our products apart. Developing the systems necessary to present an unrivaled user experience has required diligent attention to every detail of the exterior design as well as electrical and mechanical engineering.

New Awake Electric Surfboards For Sale

  • Awake Ravik S - €16,900
  • Awake Ravik One - €15,900
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