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Marell 900CC

Boat Condition
Maximum engine power 2 × 400 hP
70 Knots
Boat Description

The Marell 900cc is a boat for those who want the little extra, it has all the benefits from 900wa but with the addition that it is covered. When the weather is rough and other boats seek shelter then Marell makes 900cc the most. With its racing origin, the boat can handle everything it is exposed to, and in the spacious cab, the driver and passengers can handle everything as well. Regardless of the weather or season, you and your passengers are well protected with 360 degree visibility across the banks. The cabin also offers comfortable accommodation for overnight stays. With seating for 8 people and up to 800hp, this is the ultimate boat for those who want to conquer the ocean whenever it suits you.

Boat Brand

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Marell 900CC

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