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Marell 900WA

Boat Condition
Recommended max engine 2 × 400 hP
70 Knots
Boat Description

The unique combination of comfort and racing is Marell's signature, with the Marell 900wa being fully expanded. The Marell 900-wa is the ultimate boat with 800hp, 70 knots of top speed and the latest technology is a true racing car on the lake. An open cabin allows for the water's proximity and a breathtaking feeling when the boat goes uphill. There are few boats that give the driver more joy. Despite its amazing performance, the 900wa is very comfortable and practical, the size and the many features make for a comfortable experience for all passengers. 8 people get a seat in the boat that takes care of adventure in all circumstances. The market's smartest deck layout offers a palette of different solutions for all needs.

Boat Brand

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Marell 900WA

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