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LOA: 8.99m | Beam: 2.85m
LOA: 8.99m | Beam: 2.85m
LOA: 8.99m | Beam: 2.85m
LOA: 9.87m | Beam: 3.25m
LOA: 10.07m | Beam: 3.25m
LOA: 11.37m | Beam: 3.50 m
LOA: 13.33m | Beam: 3.86m
LOA: 13.16m | Beam: 3.95m
LOA: 12.40m | Beam: 3.46m
LOA: 8.15m | Beam: 2.60m
LOA: 9.35m | Beam: 2.95m
LOA: 8.52m | Beam: 3.00m
LOA: 8.52m | Beam: 3.00m
LOA: 10.59m | Beam: 3.47m
LOA: 9.88m | Beam: 3.30m
LOA: 8.85m | Beam: 2.55m
LOA: 11.90m | Beam: 3.86m
LOA: 7.88m | Beam: 2.46m
LOA: 8.24m | Beam: 2.60m
LOA: 8.85m | Beam: 2.62m
LOA: 9.73m | Beam: 2.97m
LOA: 12.27m | Beam: 3.69m
LOA: 11.94m | Beam: 3.52m
LOA: 14.15m | Beam: 3.98m
LOA: 7.86m | Beam: 2.47m
LOA: 8.45m | Beam: 2.07m
LOA: 16.10m | Beam: 4.50m