Pershing Yachts

Pershing Yachts

A Pershing Yacht is where the delight of the sea meets the excitement of flawless performance. A creature born of science and romance. The perfect symbiosis of innovative thinking and soul-filling emotions.

Pershing’s long line of solutions and real innovations have gone down in history. Like the adoption, on all our models, of surface propeller transmission, able to guarantee the right balance of performance and consumption in any condition, gas turbines with centralised hydro jet propulsion, for over 5100 hp of power and the ingenious solution of the disappearing glass door that merges the inside with the outside in one seamlessly spectacular space. Music Hull, the revolutionary sound diffusion system that enables music to be heard even under the water level through the hull, is just another example together with the use of carbon fibre, lighter and more resistant, for mind-blowing performance.

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