Rapsody Yachts

Rapsody Yachts

Rapsody Yachts was founded in the Friese Heeg in 1999 and was originally a yacht yard specialized in renovating Scandinavian and Dutch yachts.

With the increasing scarcity of this heritage and the demand for modern variants, Rapsody challenged itself with the development of the ultimate sailing motor yachts equipped with a classic line.

Rapsody Yachts started with the construction of a new, classic lined motor yacht; the high-end Rapsody 29 ft. OC. It became a big hit in Europe. OC stands for Original Classic. The first design is based on a Scandinavian yacht from 1933.

Rapsody has become a full-fledged Dutch yacht brand. The current showpiece, the Rapsody R32, is a fast-paced, stylish appearance for adventurers and bon vivants.

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