Spirit Yachts

Spirit Yachts

Spirit Yachts pioneered the design and build of modern classic yachts using wood epoxy construction.  Each yacht is built using the finest quality, sustainably-sourced timber by a team of highly skilled boat builders with a passion for detail.  Whilst each yacht is customised to suit an owner, every design stays true to Spirit’s iconic long overhangs, low freeboards and flush decks.  Spirit’s range of motor yachts has the essence of the 1930s-inspired styling of its sailing range, combined with a true planing hull, a flared bow and a tumblehome stern.

All Spirits are eligible to race in the Spirit of Tradition class at classic regattas worldwide and many owners compete annually with successful results.  The criteria for the Spirit of Tradition class require yachts to be designed with a classical look and built using modern techniques and materials.  Spirit of Tradition yachts must also demonstrate excellent craftsmanship on deck and in the hull.  However, they may have modern underbodies and appendages and use the latest technology in their rigs.

New Spirit Yachts For Sale

The Classic

  • Spirit 30
  • Spirit 46
  • Spirit 52
  • Spirit 65
  • Spirit 74

The Deckhouse

  • Spirit 57DH
  • Spirit 63DH
  • Spirit 65DH
  • Spirit 72DH

The Cruiser Racer

  • Spirit 44CR (E)
  • Spirit 50CR

The Superyacht

  • Spirit 100
  • Spirit 111
  • Spirit 118

Power Yachts

  • P35
  • P40
  • P70
  • The Royale
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