Supermarine Motor Yachts

Supermarine Motor Yachts

What makes a boat a classic? It’s a difficult quality to pin down – an elusive blend of seaworthiness, looks, style, performance and individuality. But there’s one vital ingredient: personality.

Supermarine Motor Yachts are hand built using the latest technology at our shipyard facility on the South coast of England, built from glass reinforced plastic formed in a series of moulds, using the latest advanced technology, materials and resins. As a result, the final product is incredibly solid but lightweight, beyond the standards of Lloyds of London and similar to that now adopted by lifeboat and fast military patrol craft.

The very best in quality of design and manufacture is the standard we aim to achieve. We bring to this task many years of practical experience and a specialist design consortium for every stage of development.

With over thirty years experience in high quality yacht construction, both powered and sail, Northshore's craftsmen are one of the few elite teams capable of building the Supermarine Motor Yachts to its demanding quality standard.

New Supermarine Motor Boats For Sale

  • Spearfish 32
  • Swordfish 36
  • Swordfish 42
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