Topper Sailboats

Topper Sailboats

It has been said that quality never goes out of fashion. And after over 40 years in continuous production, it is the outstanding build quality and unique design features that keep Topper one of the most popular boats in the world.

Full International Racing Status from WORLD SAILING is recognition that the Topper phenomenon continues to spread throughout the world at a quickening pace.

The Topper is already part of sailing history. More newcomers to the addictive sport of sailing have learned their skills in a Topper than any other sailboat. Thousands have also discovered that once their skills have improved, Topper goes on providing the excitement, performance and competitive opportunities you would expect from a pedigree racing sailboat.

New Topper Sailboats For Sale

  • Topper
  • Topaz WWS
  • Topaz Taz
  • Topaz Uno/Race/Tres X
  • Topaz Magno
  • Topaz Argo
  • Topaz Omega
  • Topaz Vibe
  • Topaz Xenon
  • Topaz 12
  • Topaz 14
  • Topaz 16
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