X Yachts

X-yachts has a long heritage of designers and naval architects that really understand what a true sailing yacht should be, fanatical attention to detail and a constant drive for innovation and a build quality second to none.

The result, beautifully designed and built yachts that give Superior Sailing Pleasure to the knowledgeable owner that understands the difference.

The X-Yacht delivers a yacht which sails well in a variety of wind conditions and sea states, offering luxurious comfort and reliability that provides pure enjoyment.

New X Yachts For Sale

X Range

  • X65
  • X56
  • X49
  • X46
  • X43
  • X40

X Cruising

  • Xc 50
  • Xc 45
  • Xc 38

X Performance

  • Xp 55
  • Xp 50
  • Xp 44
  • Xp 38


  • X-Power 33C
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